Why Hire R. Russell Properties

Below, we’ve listed just a few of the reasons why you should hire us to manage your Florida investment property:

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Why Choose R. Russell Properties for Property Management Services?

We are full time, full service property managers with over 37 years of experience.

We communicate well, provide exceptional service, and exceed your expectations.

We have a reputation for leadership, experience, and knowledge.

Management Is Not Part-Time

Because in today’s market, management cannot be a part-time effort nor can it be safely placed in the hands of untrained, under qualified personnel.


Effective Communicators

Because we are effective communicators, able to empathize with management issues related to time and money.

Prompt, Personal Service

Because we are committed to providing prompt, personal service that treats each owner and client simply with the individual care and attention they deserve.

37 Years Experience

Because we have been specializing in the property management field for thirty-seven years with over 200 years of combined related real estate investment background.

Used By Thousands of Owners

Because thousands of owners have or are currently using our services to help them enjoy financial return with their real estate investments.


Licensed Realtors

Because our property managers are all licensed Realtors specializing in the professional management of your investment property.

Not Worth the Risk of Self-Managing

Because it has been mentioned, there are good reasons for managing your own rental property. . . but are they worth the risk? Click here to see the the famous Framingham Heart Study.

For nearly 30 years Russell Properties Inc. has managed all aspects of renting my investment property in Central Florida. As a long time absentee rental property owner, living in faraway states, I have relied totally on the superior property management skills of Property Manager, Joe Torres.  Joe has served as my eyes and ears for many years and has gone well beyond the ‘extra-mile’ to keep my property occupied and maintained at a high level. I greatly appreciate the professional style and added value that Joe and Russell Properties, Inc. bring to the investment property proposition.  The services provided by Russell Properties, Inc. are invaluable!
Gil English

R. Russell Properties, Inc., Property Management, Longwood, FL

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What People Are Saying About Us

4.9 /5
166 Reviews

Mar 24, 2019
Google R. Russell Properties Steav
on top of things
Mar 23, 2019
Google R. Russell Properties Steav
Jacqueline was great to the time I needed to answer many questions do not feel rushed very good top. Thank you
Mar 20, 2019
Google R. Russell Properties Elina
We recently moved to our new home from Russell Properties, our property manager Melissa Dietz-Levering took care of us from beginning to end on the process of renting. Her professionalism and caring is outstanding, we are very satisfied with the service and we would highly recommend to everyone. Thank you Melissa!!
Mar 1, 2019
Google R. Russell Properties W.T.G.
I have been in an apartment from Russell properties for about a year now and I can say I have received excellent service. any time I contacted my property manager (Dinah) I recieved a prompt response...I am a very satisfied tenant and I would recommend them to anyone.
Feb 19, 2019
Google R. Russell Properties Yvonne
R. Russell Properties has been our rental property company for the past 3 years. We have rented 2 properties with them during this time period. The 1st year our Property Manager was Jacqueline who R. Russell Properties has been our rental property company for the past 3 years. We have rented 2 properties with them during this time period. The 1st year our Property Manager was Jacqueline who took great care of us from beginning to end. Thank you! For most of the past 2 years Dinah has been our Property Manager and and she has been fantastic. She always answers our maintance request within the hour. She always text to inform us the name of the repair company that will be contacting us. Dinah is quick to follow up and always available. She is very efficient. It truly has been a wonderful experience. Thank you Dinah for giving us a professional experience with R. Russell Properties! We highly recommend R Russell Properties and Dinah is the best!

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