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We manage long-term rentals in Longwood, Altamonte Springs, Lake Mary, Sanford, and the rest of Seminole County.

We also serve part of Orange County, FL. Other cities we serve include: Apopka, Casselberry, DeBary, Deltona, Fairview Shores, Maitland, Ocoee, Oviedo, Pine Hills, Tuscawilla, Wekiwa Springs, Winter Garden, Winter Park, Winter Springs, Doctor Phillips, Hunters Creek, Kissimmee, Lake Nona, Metro West, Orlando, and Windermere.

When you’re looking for a property management company in the Orlando Area, choose a company that’s local, family-owned, and ready to provide unparalleled service and expertise.

That’s R. Russell Properties.

We’ve been providing Orlando property management since 1982, and we’re proud of our results and reputation.

We specialize in the management of residential property, including single family homes, townhomes, condos, and duplexes. Our team of talented agents and managers provide exceptional service, consistent processes, and state of the art technology. We believe in communication and transparency, and for full service property management, we have some of the most competitive rates in the market.

With a record of managing over 3,000 homes, we have built the systems and adopted the technology that allows for the efficient and cost-effective management of your property. Whether you’ve got a condo in Apopka, a townhouse in Deltona, or an entire portfolio of properties in Sanford – we’re the Orlando property managers you can trust.

Find out why R. Russell Properties is a leader in Orlando property management and the industry as a whole.

Property Management in Seminole and Orange Counties for Owners and Investors

R. Russell Properties is here to manage everything from preparing your home for the rental market to tenant screening and maintenance. We minimize your vacancy time with excellent marketing strategies and we place tenants that are well-qualified and reliable. We want your property to make money. Our professional property management experience works for you by providing protection and increasing performance. You’ll earn more every month and spend less. You’ll have happy tenants and a well-maintained home.

You’ll wish you worked with us sooner. Talk to us about your trouble spots. Maybe you’re having problems finding tenants who stay for more than a year. Perhaps you’re dealing with property damage a renter left behind. Or, perhaps you’re growing your portfolio and self-management is taking too much time. We have solutions.

Property Prep

We understand the local market and we can price your home competitively. We’ll advertise and market it aggressively, using online tools and our presence on the local Board of Realtors. We put our relationships and networking reach to work for you.

Accounting &

We document everything, which keeps you protected from liability and provides a record of everything that happens at your home. Innovative software allows for detailed bookkeeping and reliable, on-time

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rental payments that are deposited electronically.

We know you have choices when it comes to Orlando property management. We appreciate all our tenants and owners, and we work hard to make you happy that you chose R. Russell Properties.

Placing Tenants

R. Russell Properties attracts and places high quality tenants. Our screening process is consistent and rigorous. Prospective tenants must demonstrate an acceptable credit history, employment and income verifications, and a positive rental history. 

If You’re a Landlord with Questions about Residential Property Management, We’ve Got Answers

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For over twenty years, we have employed the services of Russell Properties in the management of our properties in Florida. Jacqueline has handled a multitude of issues promptly and professionally…She is extremely knowledgeable about property maintenance and has an excellent network of reasonably priced and highly skilled craftsmen whose services have been excellent. In her interaction with tenants, Jacqueline is calm and effective, always resolving issues well. In the accounting office, Donna is very pleasant, keeps meticulous records and has been exceptionally responsive to our inquiries and requests. We feel fortunate having Russell Properties as our Florida property managers.
Anthony & Caroline Ciotti

For Renters

We manage properties in Longwood, Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Maitland and nearby cities in Seminole and Orange Counties.

Other cities we serve within Florida include: Lake Mary, Sanford, Casselberry, DeBary, Deltona, Fairview Shores, Ocoee, Oviedo, Pine Hills, Tuscawilla, Wekiwa Springs, Winter Garden, Winter Park, Winter Springs, Doctor Phillips, Hunters Creek, Kissimmee, Lake Nona, Metro West, Orlando, and Windermere.

Tenants appreciate Orlando property managers who care about their comfort and safety. At R. Russell Properties, we work with tenants, not against them. We are always available to answer tenant questions and respond to tenant concerns. Education is important, and our tenants are trained on everything from how to pay rent online to what constitutes a maintenance emergency. Tenants understand their responsibilities and our expectations for their tenancy. Open communication and transparency lead to great tenant relationships and positive rental experiences.

Working with Current Tenants

Current tenants can visit their online portals to access Tenant FAQs, make a rental payment, and submit a maintenance request. We provide easy access to documents like move-out forms, and helpful articles and resources on topics such as buying versus renting. We’re here to answer any questions, offer advice, and do what we can to make renting a home more pleasant.

Working with Future Tenants

We hope you’ll decide to rent one of our homes. As your Orlando property managers, we’ll work with you on identifying properties that might be a good fit, and helping you through the application process. If you’re new to the central Florida area, we have plenty to tell you about what to do, where to eat, and how to make this your home.     

Get in Touch with Expert Property Managers

 What I like about them is when you call… you actually talk to somebody. There’s nothing more I hate than to leave a message on a voice mail or answering machine and never know for sure whether it got picked up.

Ann Kerdock

Areas We Serve

We serve homeowners and tenants all of Seminole County and Orange County in Florida, including, but not limited to, the following cities:

  • Maitland
  • Metro Wes
  • Ocoee
  • Orlando
  • Oviedo
  • Sanford
  • Tuscawilla
  • Wekiwa Springs
  • Windermere
  • Winter Garden
  • Winter Park
  • Winter Springs

R. Russell Properties, Inc., Property Management, Longwood, FL

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What People Are Saying About Us

4.9 /5
172 Reviews

Sep 13, 2019
Google R. Russell Properties Nancy
I recently had the opportunity to review the company as a whole and express my appreciation for my experience with them over the past six years; however, after an incident yesterday with my property manager I felt the need to add to my review!! I wanted to say how much I appreciate working with Melissa over the past few months, and am so pleased that she is handling my property now. Her balance of professionalism and understanding gives her the perfect combination of someone you want handling things on your behalf. I have been in my condo now for six years and have been through two property management companies and two property managers. I hope to be here for a while and hope Melissa will be as well. I want to thank her for all she does on my behalf.
Sep 9, 2019
Google R. Russell Properties Victor
I want to thank Dinah for her exceptional work as property manager of Russell Properties. From the showing of the property to making sure all my questions were answered, she was there. Very Professional, responds quickly and really cares to build a relationship with her tenants. I strongly recommend her!
Sep 6, 2019
Google R. Russell Properties Nancy
I have been renting my condo through R. Russell Properties for six years now and have never had any problems. The response to any maintenance issues are handled efficiently and professionally. They recently initiated a platform to pay rent online which is very convenient and reliable. I am obviously quite pleased with their performance or would not have stayed as long as I have.
Sep 3, 2019
Google R. Russell Properties Jason
Updates as of Sep 2019 TL;DR: In 2019, Dinah became my property manager. So far the experience is exceptional in addition to my first good impression on R.Russell. --- As I mentioned in my original review that I highly relied on my property manager's work. After all, what is the point of hiring a property management company if I have to do everything by myself? Dinah really frees me from being involved in any trivial problems( fixing broken appliances, rent negotiations, etc....). She's always trying her best to solve the problem. Then she will give me a short briefing that straight to the point(always clear on when, where, what and who). I really appreciate it because all I care about is if the problem is solved, and what the cost is... In case problems she thinks I should be involved, she will reach out to me before moving forward. Not only she will discuss the problem with me, but more than often she will suggest possible solutions. This is what I think of being professional and with years of experience. In addition, I don't recall any vague answers from Dinah. She always knows what she's talking about, and have data that back up her statements. It is this small piece of detail makes me believe that I am in good hands. Overall I still highly recommend R.Russell. And based on my own personal experience, you can't go wrong with Dinah. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I started my contract with R.Russell (Jacqueline is my property manager) about a month and a half ago. So far, I am really pleased with everything Jacqueline has done for me. I am not an expert in property management industry, but I do have few criteria when selecting a company to manage my property 1. The company must run with integrity: (a). Treat every party equally and fairly. (b). Transparent with their pricing model / charges, etc. (c). Have a good business record. I got my conclusion of criteria 1 from the first time I talked to Jacqueline, that we discussed how they charged fees, why some of them were higher than its competitors, and how R.Russell, specifically Jacqueline as my property manager, would handle some bad situations based on my personal renting experience. Then I reviewed their BBB record, which was and still is A+ since 2014. Although a good score does not mean there will be no problem from day to day, it is always good to have a third party auditing. 2. Being professional (a) Service should be in a timely manner. (b) Provide information accurately and effectively. (c) Honor their responsibility. Getting in touch with Jacqueline is never a hard thing do to. I can expect my email will be replied in a reasonable amount of time with detailed explanation to my questions. She will also shoot me some emails regarding latest update on my property, which really help me to know what exactly is going on. After all I am not able to be there personally to see everything. Hence, I am glad that I can count on Jacqueline to help me out. Another good experience with Jacqueline is that she was able to do a thoughtful check personally before listing my property. I appreciate it, and I believe such small detail reveals their definition of being professional. ---------------------- Some side notes R.Russell has a higher management fee comparing to its competitors. Personally, 1-3% difference is not really a big deal as long as I am getting what I paid for. For example, I am expecting my property will be maintained with care, the quality of tenant should be good, problems are handled appropriately, etc. So far, all of aforementioned requirements are met. I am glad to signed my contract with Jacqueline, and I do recommend them for property management service.
Aug 31, 2019
Google R. Russell Properties Marisol
Dinah is an amazingly efficient property manager. She is ethical, respectful and prompt. As a tenant of one of the properties she manages I can attest to her professionalism and delicate delivery in her communication between the owner and myself.

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