Tips For Staging Your Rental Property

Do you believe in love at first sight? Real estate agents do, which is why they’ll invest good money in staging a property. That can get expensive for a rental, which may have to be staged every few years for new tenants. You’ll learn a few tricks over the years, but for now, these tips for staging your rental property should attract plenty of potential candidates.

Clean Living

First things first—nobody wants to live somewhere that already has dust bunnies multiplying in the corner. Get the unit professionally cleaned because a fresh set of eyes will notice things that you don’t. Make sure there aren’t fingerprints on the doors or scuffs at the baseboards. If the bedsheets and bathmat are supposed to be white, make sure they’re truly white and not a sad, dingy ecru. Wipe down the walls and squint at the ceiling to see if there are any unidentifiable stains lurking.

Nothing Personal

You want the property to look as if no one has ever lived there and that the viewers are the first to stumble across this gem. That won’t work if one room is decorated for a baby or the living room is dominated by a model plane project. Clear such items out. Put away personal pictures and knickknacks. Get rid of any clutter, concert posters, or flowery decals and replace them with tasteful, inoffensive, framed prints. You’re aiming above motel art but well below Las Vegas glitz.

Home Accents

Remember these words: “move-in ready.” They are magical music to tenants’ ears. You can add homey touches that are still fairly anonymous. Throw cushions can give a neutral room some color, and a nice coffeemaker makes the kitchen feel more welcoming. Make sure there are some real books on the shelves—nobody will read them, but people still like to see them. You could even put one of those bath caddies in the tub with a candle and bottle of wine, and tenants will want to climb right in.

Virtual Staging

With more renters reluctant to leave their current home to find a new one, we’ve learned to adapt. If your unit is vacant with no furniture, online companies are offering to fill your photos with luxe-looking pieces so future tenants can picture themselves there more easily. They can even virtually swap out some of the furniture you have with pieces in a different style. If you don’t want to spend the money, you can take inspiration from their technology; style different looks yourself with borrowed furniture and accents.

At R. Russell Properties, we’ve heard all the tips for staging your rental property, so we know what works and what doesn’t. Different geographic spots and candidate pools call for different measures. If you need property management in Orlando, Florida, or the surrounding area, we can show you what potential tenants are looking for here. Contact us to learn more about how we make landlords’ lives easier.