Tenant Rental Inspection Checklist: What To Look Out For

Knowing how to prepare a rental for an upcoming tenant can be stressful—especially when you have no idea where to begin as far as inspections are concerned. That, coupled with the fact that overlooking something could cause severe health or legal ramifications, makes this a very taxing task to execute. To help you figure out what to look for, here is our tenant rental inspection checklist that includes everything to look out for.


  • All utilities must be in service
  • Hot water heater must have a temperature-pressure relief valve with a discharge pipe facing downward (made of galvanized steel and not aluminum or PVC)
  • Hot water heater must have earthquake traps


  • Check that there are no plugged drains in the sinks and bathroom appliances
  • Check that the toilet works and does not leak. Furthermore, check the toilet valves for wear
  • Al electrical outlets must have cover plates and be in working condition


  • Ensure that all handrails are tightly affixed to the wall
  • Check the roof for leaks
  • Ensure that all bathrooms have some exhaust outlet, whether it is a window or a fan
  • Ensure that both hot and cold running water is adequately supplied
  • Ensure that there is no chipped or peeling paint on the outside or inside of the house
  • Check that all the windows are in working order and are not cracked or missing


  • Ensure that all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly
  • Check that all locks on the doors are tight and functional

Other Tenant Rental Inspection Checklist Items

  • There must be no inoperable vehicles in the street or driveway
  • The rent must be comparable to other rental units in the area
  • Proper documentation should be set up for distributing billing information
  • The property must be approved by a government official as meeting all these standards if they have not been met in the past

Knowing what to look for in a rental property can be daunting. However, if you follow the tenant rental inspection checklist above, you should know exactly what to look for and have adequate information to ensure that the renter will be satisfied with the living conditions you have set forth. Furthermore, ensuring that you check these things now takes a lot of potential legal issues out of the equation in the future. Russell Properties is dedicated to helping you with your property management needs in Winter Park, Florida. If you need any assistance with finding your new home, do not hesitate to reach out!