A girl playing with her pet

Being a rental property manager requires you to make rules for your renters. Sometimes making reasonable rules can be difficult. For instance, you need to decide whether you will allow renters to have pets. If you are unsure about this decision, read this blog post to learn about the pros and cons of letting renters have pets.

Pro: Pets bring people together

Pet lovers often become friends with other pet lovers. By allowing your renters to have pets, you are helping them connect and start conversations with other people who share their passion for animals. While people who do not own pets can still form connections with pet owners, it is not the same as two neighbors walking their dogs together and exchanging funny stories about their companions.

Pro: Pets help renters who struggle with depression

For people who struggle with depression, life can seem lonely. Letting renters own pets in their homes will bring them joy. Playing with pets is a way for people to get out of their heads. While many people already have permits to use pets as service animals, some don’t. Renters with depression are less likely to take care of their homes, so allowing your renters to have pets that may improve their mental health might be in your best interest as the property owner.

Pro: Pets can teach renters how to love other people

If some of your renters have severe conflicts with coworkers, classmates, or partners, it might be hard for them to feel loved. They might also struggle to show compassion to others. Having a pet to cuddle with will soften their hearts. The more they can let their pets shower them with love, the easier it will be to show compassion to other humans.

Con: Untrained pets can cause injuries and feuds between neighbors

If a renter has an improperly trained pet, disruptive behavior can become an issue. They may escape the house and roam onto others’ property. Some of them can be vicious and bite. Even though training the pets is not your responsibility, it is your responsibility to keep your renters safe. If one renter’s dog injures another renter, that might seem like an issue between neighbors. But chances are, one of them will turn to you to settle the dispute and possibly file a lawsuit.

Con: Renters who do not like pets might leave

If you rent out a property that is in a tiny neighborhood, pets can disturb people who do not like them. Since they can be very loud, they might make it difficult for people to sleep. Lack of sleep and a dislike or fear of animals can make renters want to give up their leases. This will not only cause them to become unhappy, but it will cost you money and renters. It could also ruin your reputation as a manager.

Those are just a few pros and cons of letting renters have pets. To learn about how to make reasonable policies for your renters, contact Russell Properties. We are a wonderful Orlando property management company that cares about your management skills, knowledge, and success.