Anyone interested in Orlando investment properties would be wise to purchase something or increase their portfolio now. The rest of 2018 and 2019 look extremely favorable for investors in and around the central Florida region. As Orlando property management experts, we know how to identify the best properties and help you earn an attractive return. There are a few reasons that this market is such an investors appealing option for local, out of state, and even international investors.

Orlando Property Values Are Rising

The Orlando housing market is rebounding nicely from the losses it incurred during the recession. Property values are rising again, but home prices are still within reach for who have a modest budget. You can find properties in established neighborhoods as well as new developments for reasonable prices. Great deals can be found if you’re working with an Orlando property manager who knows where to look. We expect prices and values to continue climbing in 2017, so invest now and find the right opportunity.

Orlando Tenants

Another great upside to investing in this area is that the pool of tenants provides a desirable selection of renters. The Orlando economy is growing, and statistics for future job growth are higher than the national average. There’s no state income tax in Florida, and tenants are feeling more comfortable with their financial positions. This means you can be selective about your tenants and choose someone who will pay rent on time, take care of your property, and provide a stable rental income for many years.

Financial Reasons to Invest

R. Russell Properties Inc LogoAn Orlando investment property makes sense right now because interest rates are at historically low levels, making it easy for you to obtain a mortgage. Banks are more willing to lend money for investment properties, and you can earn quite a return while enjoying a steady cash flow. When you’re ready to invest, contact us at R. Russell Properties. We provide Orlando property management and help to investors who want to enter this growing market.