Three wooden cardboard cut outs of the houses

You already have your rental property. You are ready to rent it out to new renters, but not many people are aware of this, so your next step is to spark interest through creative advertising. Here’s how to advertise your rental property and make it more appealing to potential tenants.

Decide on Tenants to Attract

Before you start advertising, think about what kind of renters you want to attract. Do you want families or singles? Young professionals or retirees? Knowing your target will help you tailor your advertisement information to your desired renters. One important factor to consider when choosing a specific demographic is to think about your location. If you are by a beach, you might want to appeal to young surfers and families with teenagers who enjoy water sports.

Think About a Reasonable Cost

After you decide on your desired infographics, decide on a reasonable price for your property. Consider the housing market and the estimated income for your clients. No one is going to rent a property that is way out of their price range. However, you want to make your property expensive enough so that you will make a profit.

Decorate Your Property to Appeal to Renters

Now here’s a fun part—appeal to your target renters by decorating your property. For surfers, put up signs with quotes about the waves. Add a few pictures of famous surfers to put on the walls. For families with young children who enjoy Disney World, paint Disney characters on a table or hang a picture of the Magical Kingdom on the front door. You can be creative as you want to be!

Create a Slideshow

When you finish decorating your property, take pictures of it to create a slideshow. Make sure that your photos are high-quality, and enhance them with photo editing software. Between each picture, add a slide with relevant information. Since many people like visuals, create easy-to-understand charts and graphs. For viewers who cannot read, talk about your slides with as much detail as possible. To make your slideshow more appealing, add an upbeat song on low in the background. Be sure to include your contact information and credentials on the last slide.

Post Your Slideshow to Social Media

Social media is a fantastic advertisement tool. If you have not already done so, create a profile for your rental company on various platforms, and then add albums or pages specifically for each property you are renting out. Here are some platforms you can use:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Craigslist

Those are just a few social media sites. When you can include a caption, make your caption appealing to your target renters. Include a call to action, asking people to share your Facebook page and slideshow with friends who might be interested. This is very important because many people use social media to find new homes. Finally, to really intrigue your target renters, sneak in a little sentence like, “Like and share for a chance to receive a free gift.”

Create and Distribute Business Cards

Sometimes you might find yourself having a conversation with someone interested in renting a new home. If you think this person would be interested in renting from you, you’ll kick yourself if you don’t have a business card with you. Even if the person is not interested right away, they’ll have your card just in case that changes in the future. Also, the person you talk to might know of someone looking to rent a home.

These are some suggestions for how to advertise your rental property. For assistance with your advertising needs, call Russell Properties today. We are a highly knowledgeable and caring property management company in Orange County, Florida, with more than 38 years of experience helping renters and homeowners.