There are a number of excellent reasons to choose Russell Properties to manage your rental home in northern Orlando. In today’s blog, we are sharing four specific reasons that demonstrate why we’re the right company for you.


You want a property manager who has seen it all. Russell Properties has been in the same location for 32 years under the same ownership. The property owners who work with us are comfortable with our management services almost immediately. We always recommend that you check out customer testimonials. Go to Google and Yelp and read the reviews owners are leaving about their property management companies. At Russell Properties, we pride ourselves on the excellent reputation we have with our owners. Remember that reviews from owners carry a little more weight than reviews from tenants. A property owner works with a property management company for a lot longer than a tenant does, so the relationship really develops.


Russell Properties has successfully managed nearly every situation that can come up with tenants and properties. We understand the details that make for a smooth and uninterrupted transition between a tenant moving out and a new tenant moving in. Tenants understand exactly what is required of them in order to get their security deposit back. We provide tenants with a Check-In list when they move in, which they are required to return within 10 days. This documents the condition of the property. Our property managers can clearly define what looks like damage and what looks like normal wear and tear, and we make sure the tenants know the difference too. We communicate the penalties for not returning the keys, garage door openers or providing a forwarding address. We expect our tenants to understand what the term “holdover” means and why double rent might be charged if the terms and conditions in the lease are not met. We sit down with those tenants when the lease is signed and go over every word and every detail. Spending that time with a tenant at the beginning will make a huge difference in your relationship and your expectations. We read every lease to our tenants.


There are all types of real estate professionals. Twenty or thirty years ago, a license allowed you to sell both a commercial office building in downtown Orlando and then the next day broker some swamp land in the same county. Today, you want someone who is focused completely on property management. If you have a home to rent, find a property management specialist that deals in residential management only. At Russell Properties, our professional specialty is reflected by the associations we belong to. We are licensed Realtors who belong to the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM).


Serving our community for so many years has formed a special bond between the people of Orlando and Russell Properties. A special fiduciary relationship is molded between ourselves and the property owners we work with. Respect and trust are tantamount to making mutual decisions that lead to successful investments. The management services we offer to absentee landlords are reflected in our Better Business Bureau “A” rating.

If you have any questions about our services, or you’d like to hear more about what makes a great property management company, please contact us at Russell Properties.