Clever Ways To Show Appreciation For Your Tenants

If you’ve ever had a nightmare tenant, you’ll know to never take a good one for granted again. The easiest way to increase your profits is to secure a long-term lease with someone you trust to take care of your property. But as with any relationship, you have to show the love. Try these clever ways to show appreciation for your tenants.

A Welcome Basket

Start things off right by giving new tenants a get-to-know-the-neighborhood basket. You don’t have to be lavish with the gesture because even some local recommendations can help them settle in. Your basket could include a gift card to a local home store, goodies from a nearby bakery, ground coffee from a nearby cafe, coasters, restaurant menus… When tenants move into a new place, even the basics are a treasure.

Handwritten Notes

It seems no one makes the effort anymore to do this. So, stand out from the crowd and check in with your tenants by writing them a note on stationery or a blank card—this is infinitely more thoughtful than a text. All you have to say is some variation of, “How’s it going? Let me know if there’s anything I can do. I’m glad you’re here.” You can make it a point to do it every few months or tell them of your good wishes on holidays.

A Small Plant

There are so many benefits to a little greenery: cleaner air, homier surroundings, a touch of nature. They’re inexpensive and last longer than flowers. Resist the urge to give tenants anything tree size—that’s a lot of responsibility and takes up too much space. And don’t ask about the plant the next time you see them. They very well might have killed it already. In that case, stick to succulents that don’t require a lot of attention.

Smart Tech

If you’d love for your tenants to renew their lease, you can always offer to buy a new appliance or upgrade something else. But the latest home technology is a cooler perk and doesn’t have to cost more than a couple of hundred dollars. Install a video doorbell or smart thermostat to make their lives a little better—and increase the value of your property, too.

What do renters really want? Lower rent. But there are clever ways to show appreciation for your tenants that can create goodwill and don’t cut into your profits. If you could use property management in Altamonte Springs or elsewhere in Central Florida, R. Russell Properties can help you keep your tenants happy. Contact us for more information.