What Our Clients Have To Say...

Anthony and Caroline Ciotti

For over twenty years, we have employed the services of Russell Properties in the management of our properties in Florida. Jacqueline has handled a multitude of issues promptly and professionally. Throughout this entire period we have been very pleased with their performance. As property manager, Jacqueline has handled a multitude of issues promptly and professionally. She is extremely knowledgeable about property maintenance and has an excellent network of reasonably priced and highly skilled craftsmen whose services have been excellent. In her interaction with tenants, Jacqueline is calm and effective, always resolving issues well. In the accounting office, Donna is very pleasant, keeps meticulous records and has been exceptionally responsive to our inquiries and requests. We feel fortunate having Russell Properties as our Florida property managers.”

John Goscinsk

"I've seen my 3 properties in the past 30 years maybe 6 times. Russell Properties sold them to me, they've managed them, and I hope they manage them for another 30."

Gil English

For nearly 30 years Russell Properties Inc. has managed all aspects of renting my investment property in Central Florida. Joe has served as my eyes and ears for many years. As a long time absentee rental property owner, living in faraway states, I have relied totally on the superior property management skills of Property Manager, Joe Torres.  Joe has served as my eyes and ears for many years and has gone well beyond the 'extra-mile' to keep my property occupied and maintained at a high level. I greatly appreciate the professional style and added value that Joe and Russell Properties, Inc. bring to the investment property proposition.  The services provided by Russell Properties, Inc. are invaluable!”

Bryan Deutsch

"As chief financial officer for a large insurance company I can't tell you how pleased Mr. Ricciardelli, our CEO is. We switched our 49 properties 15 years ago. The homes stay leased and our check is always on time."

Greg Williamson

"Mary Ann has been my property manager for the last seven years and she has been a rock during a difficult economic period. Russell Properties has managed my rental property in Longwood, Florida for 15 years. Before I used a management company, I tried to manage the property on my own for a few years. It was hard work and time consuming to do everything myself. Screening prospective tenants, arranging for repairs, and cleaning after a tenant left were difficult, especially when I moved out of town. Once I had Russell Properties manage my rental home, my life became so much easier. They kept reliable tenants, sometimes for 3 years in a row. She supervised major property upgrade projects such as new siding and flooring and handled my home's maintenance needs in a professional and cost effective manner. My wife and I have moved several times now and have lived as far away as Wisconsin, but we could always count on Mary Ann and Russell Properties to stay in communication with us and take care of anything that came up. Now that my rental payments are directly deposited, it is more convenient than ever. It is good to have a reliable, professional management company like Russell Properties take the work and worry out of renting our house." 

Ken Dobmeier

It is nice to have someone handle all the problems of the tenants and all I have to do is verify that my one big check has been deposited into my bank account each month by my agent Debbie. I have used R. Russell Properties for over 10 years and have received excellent service throughout that time. Debbie has always been professional and has saved me money many times. I highly recommend R. Russell Properties.”

Tom Obie

"My doctors have bought and sold many properties with the help of Russell Properties. And in between they managed them. This relationship has gone on now for 21 years. As a financial planner, when it comes to real estate, management is critical. The Central Florida management team is... Russell Properties. Period!"

Mario Rivera

The housing market has been difficult… there have been a few situations which seemed difficult at the time but I was able to easily get through it with Jacqueline's help. I've been a client of Russell Properties for more than 10 years and Jacqueline Lebron has been working as my REALTOR. Throughout the years they've managed several properties for me. I live in California so owning property in Florida makes it somewhat difficult to manage. I'm very pleased with the level of service Jacqueline and Russell Properties have provided. Jacqueline has always shown the up most professionalism, keeps me informed of any updates, addresses issues quickly and offers good suggestions. There have been a few situations which seemed difficult at the time but I was able to easily get through it with Jacqueline's help. The housing market has been difficult but I feel at ease knowing that my properties are being managed by Jacqueline and Russell Properties.”

Lynn Guthrie

"The liability is what I worry about. They do a great job paying attention to details. Little things like reading the lease to tenants. Making sure the "check-in" list is back and that fire extinguishers and smoke detectors are in good working order for the tenants."

Tim Geis

As maintenance, tenant and homeowner association problems come up, as they will do, Joe takes them on with a "can do" attitude, most often giving me a couple of options and his recommendations and then quickly acting upon whatever our decision calls for. Joe Torres has been managing my three residential properties in the Orlando area since he joined Russell Properties, 8 or 10 years ago.  During that time he has managed them as they need to be: a business, working to keep expenses down and income up, while still providing an attentive and personable face to all aspects of owning rental properties. As best I can tell from my minimal interactions with the people renting the properties, he has also been responsive to their needs as they arise. I can certainly recommend Russell Properties and Joe as an excellent company and property manager.”

Teresa Doyle Adams

"Mary Ann is accessible and a pleasure to do business with. Meticulous with renters, repairmen and anyone else involved with the house. I have been using Russell Properties to manage my investment in Casselberry, FL. For 20 years and have worked with Mary Ann for a number of years.  I live in Maryland therefore it would be impossible for me to take care of my property.  I have always felt my property was in good hands.  I can count on her finding someone to do quality work at a reasonable rate."

Ann Kerdock

"... you actually talk to somebody. What I like about them is when you call... you actually talk to somebody. There's nothing more I hate than to leave a message on a voice mail or answering machine and never know for sure whether it got picked up."

Joyce Cooper

I actually located Russell Properties online, and the reason I chose Russell's is because of its years in business, the family oriented establishment, it was something about the information that made me feel comfortable in requesting their services. Please know that as of today, I have not personally, physically met Jacqueline Lebron, my daughter has, but I can tell you, that I am very satisfied w/Jacqueline's caring attitude about my little house.  She is very professional, kind and courteous.  She is 95% there when I need her, and the other 5% is when she isn't available or no access to her emails. But she has provided her personal cellular number and if needed, I will contact her. Her turnaround time is pretty quick, too.  I would definitely recommend the management company to anyone, in need of a reliable management service. I currently live out of state, and believe me, she relieves me of the stress associated w/renting your home to strangers.  Keep up the good work.”

Linda Diehl

I personally, do not live in Florida so I have relied on them for every need my rental property has needed. Joe Torres has been the reason I have never had to worry about the property. Russell Properties has managed my property in Florida for many years... they are an exceptional company. Joe Torres has been the reason I have never had to worry about the property.  Joe has taken care of the entire process of maintaining and keeping my property rented to excellent clients.  I cannot say enough about how Joe conducts business.  He has taken care of so many things that needed special care.  He always keeps me in the loop and takes care of every need I have had.  He has gone over and beyond just his job. Thank you Joe for all that you have done.  I could not have kept the property if it had not been for you.”

Betsy Wickes

"I purchased a unit 25 years ago near where my parents and brother owned, using the services of Russell Properties. As I have always lived in Seattle and cannot manage or inspect my unit, I have relied on my manager Mary Ann to handle my absentee ownership. I still own my unit (other family members sold) and have been very happy with the management, tenant requirements and repairs necessary for a well maintained investment. I had only one delinquent tenant in 25 years. When he abandoned the property, MaryAnn promptly arranged cleaning and bringing the unit up to standards. She retained his deposit and found a new tenant. I have been very happy and can recommend these services to others."

Beulah and Carlton Martin

"Property management is the key to success or failure when it comes to absentee ownership. I know, because I've tried others. If getting a good qualified tenant within 3 weeks isn't a blessing, I don't know what is."

J. Smith from California

"R. Russell Properties has been very good to us over the past 8 years. We are not Florida residence so it is extremely important to have a company we can trust with our investment that will become our retirement property eventually. Our property has been well inspected after each tenant has vacated and charged appropriately for issues needing repair or replacement. Being that we are out of state we would have no way of knowing the condition of our investment without having Russell Properties looking after our best interests. I am very thankful to have Mary Ann Dougherty as my agent the entire 8 years that we have owned our condo. She has amazing attention to detail and is able to find the right tenant for us year after year. She always sends me an e-mail update on any new tenant in question if she is the least bit apprehensive as to someone signing a new lease, for instance if they have a certain small pet that might be acceptable or not."