Russell Properties Move Out Procedures

In Anticipation of Your Move-Out Please Comply With The Instructions Below.

This list will be used by Russell Properties, Inc. to inspect your unit after you have moved out to determine what charges, if any, will be deducted from your security deposit. When you moved in there was a “Check-In” list and the two will be compared. You are allowed “normal wear and tear”. As subject to your lease all keys must be turned into us before the last day of the month so an inspection can be made in anticipation of a new move in at midnight on the last day of the month. The rental property must be cleaned out of all personal items. If there's a yard, be sure its been mowed prior to move out. Please see your lease for requirements. 

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Please use these guidelines while preparing the rental for inspection:

____ All Keys for all locks must be returned.
____ Carpets cleaned by professionals only. Please do not rent a cleaner.
____ Unit must be free of trash and all dust including closets, baseboards and cabinets.
____ Trash to be picked up at curb before vacating. 
____ All window coverings must be straightened washed, cleaned and dusted or replaced. 
____ All blinds and blind wands must be operable. 
____ All bathrooms must be thoroughly caulked and cleaned including behind commode.
____ Fireplaces must be cleaned out and dust free.
____ Patios, balconies and storage closets must be swept and free from debris and trash.
____ Appliances must be thoroughly cleaned, washed and sanitized.
____ Stove, drip pans and knobs cleaned. Pans must be replaced if they won’t come clean. 
____ Light and plug switches must be replaced if cracked or stained. 
____ 60 watt bulbs in all fixtures in working order.
____ Bath lights at 60 watts and all the same style bulb in place.
____ Make sure furnace and A/C filter is clean.
____ All light covers must be cleaned, ceiling fan blades cleaned and dusted, both sides.
____ The top of the refrigerator and stove must be spotless. Vacuum refrigerator coils.
____ No stains should remain in the fridge. or on porcelain in the bath. Use the product WORKS.
____ Baseboards must be washed and free of dirt and dust.
____ Clean doors and door frames around them. Remove finger prints, dust etc.
____ Lawn, garden and hedges must be trimmed, cut and cleaned. If in your Lease.
____ All dead bugs must be removed and please flea bomb if you've had a pet
____ All vinyl floors need to be mopped and cleaned under cabinets. Don’t wax over dirt.
____ All pilot lights should be on or gas turned off to fixture. 
____ Sinks to be cleaned, and garbage disposal good tested and free from blockage.
____ All mirrors and windows should be cleaned inside and out.
____ Do not attempt to touchup paint, unless agreed and noted by manager.

Russell Properties, Inc. appreciates your fine tenancy and would be happy to help you in the future with your housing needs. Your deposit will be promptly forwarded to the address you have provided to us within 30 days of your move out. If you have any questions, please call our office. Thank you again for your tenancy with Russell Properties, Inc.