Internet Advertising Package

Our Internet Advertising Package consists of the finest locally and nationally tenant sites. All these sites are free for tenants to surf and preview your listing(s). Your ad listing will post on ALL of these tried and true free tenant reliable sites…all for $109.00 for 30 days. 

We have negotiated with and packaged these sites, to maximize your listing exposure at the lowest possible advertising costs. Here is where you listing(s) will appear: All for $109.00 for 30 days.

How Russell Properties obtains tenants:*

Internet: 75%
Signs: 15%
Referrals/Word of Mouth: 10%

*Russell Properties does not use newspapers, magazines, radio or TV to obtain qualified tenants. We feel if you want to get the word out… the fastest and most affordable method by far is the internet.

How soon can we find a tenant? Good question. If your investment (home, condo, etc.) shows well and is priced correctly in the market, Russell Properties averages three weeks finding a good qualified tenant. Your property manager will advise you on the specific rental market for your area.